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Vibrant health starts in your gut. Our living beverages can help.

Your gut is home to a microscopic rainforest.

A diverse ecosystem

A lush garden within.

Like the garden in your back yard,

how you tend the garden in your gut

determines how it'll thrive.


Tend your gut.

Experience vibrant health flourishing.




But is your gut struggling?

The modern world isn't friendly to the essential bacteria that populate the garden of your gut.


Artificial food, stale environments, stress, anti-microbials, poor sleep, excessive booze, blue light, & too little time in nature take a heavy toll on your microscopic flora.

Impaired bowel function? Acid reflux? Poor nutrient absorption? Mental & emotional distress? Inflammation? 


  • 75% of your IMMUNE system lives in your gut. 

  • 90% of your SERETONIN is made in your gut.

  • Your gut is routinely referred to as your SECOND BRAIN.


If your gut is struggling, you are too.

Tend your gut.
Fix the struggle.

In a modern world hostile to microbial life, your gut needs the regenerative + living beverages that Nature helps us cultivate. Every sip of our Kombucha + Water Kefir contains billions of beneficial bacteria + necessary digestive acids. Essential B vitamins too. 

Nurturing your internal garden is as simple as pouring yourself one of our raw, refreshing beverages.
Improve bowel function. Eliminate acid reflux. Absorb nutrients. Gain mental clarity.

Manage anxiety. Foster microbial diversity. Reduce inflammation.

Regenerate the ecosystem of your gut.

End the struggle. 
Happy gut. Happy life.

You are Nature. We help you drink like it!

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Our living beverages help you
from the inside out!

Friendly Microbes


Gluten+Caffeine+Dairy Free