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Vibrant health starts in your gut. Our living beverages can help.

Your gut is home to a microscopic rainforest.

A diverse ecosystem

A lush garden within.

Like the garden in your back yard,

how you tend the garden in your gut

determines how it'll thrive.


Tend your gut.

Experience vibrant health flourishing.




But is your gut struggling?

The modern world isn't friendly to the essential bacteria that populate the garden of your gut.


Artificial food, stale environments, stress, anti-microbials, poor sleep, excessive booze, blue light, & too little time in nature take a heavy toll on your microscopic flora.

Impaired bowel function? Acid reflux? Poor nutrient absorption? Mental & emotional distress? Inflammation? 


  • 75% of your IMMUNE system lives in your gut. 

  • 90% of your SERETONIN is made in your gut.

  • Your gut is routinely referred to as your SECOND BRAIN.


If your gut is struggling, you are too.

Tend your gut.
Fix the struggle.

In a modern world hostile to microbial life, your gut needs the regenerative + living beverages that Nature helps us cultivate. Every sip of our Kombucha + Water Kefir contains billions of beneficial bacteria + necessary digestive acids. Essential B vitamins too. 

Nurturing your internal garden is as simple as pouring yourself one of our raw, refreshing beverages.
Improve bowel function. Eliminate acid reflux. Absorb nutrients. Gain mental clarity.

Manage anxiety. Foster microbial diversity. Reduce inflammation.

Regenerate the ecosystem of your gut.

End the struggle. 
Happy gut. Happy life.

You are Nature. We help you drink like it!

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Our living beverages help you
from the inside out!

Friendly Microbes


Gluten+Caffeine+Dairy Free

Digestive Support


This slightly sweet, tangy + gently effervescent beverage is a natural PROBIOTIC, incredible for gut health + digestion. It's grown from organic and fair trade teas, but the final product doesn't taste like tea at all. We think you're going to be pleasantly surprised by our interpretation of kombucha, because it's got a welcome delicate vibe to it.


Important tip to consider: every kombucha is different... every brew cycle is unique. We're basically helping Nature grow a beverage. We're not "making" a beverage. Anticipate some nuance from batch to batch.


Kombucha has been around for centuries. We know it looks like a hip "new" beverage, cashing in on burgeoning gut health hoopla, but truthfully, it's been passed to us from antiquity. It's making a come-back precisely because people like you are seeking functional alternatives to modern convenience beverages. You want nourishment, flavor, and immune support from what you drink. 

Because of you, we select only certified organic / fair trade teas & organic evaporated cane juice to create the nutrient source for the symbiotic culture of bacteria + yeast (SCOBY). This living SCOBY's trans-formative bio-chemical powers transform tea + evaporated cane juice into an amazing natural energy drink boasting glucuronic+acetic+lactic acids, B vitamins, valuable amino acids and beneficial bacteria like Acetobacter + Gluconacetobacter.


Kombucha is raw, vegan, and gluten+soy+dairy free.

Ours has also undergone testing, with results showing lower caffeine that a cup of DECAF coffee.

Water Kefir.

Water Kefir is sort of like kombucha‘s milder cousin. Both beverages go through a culturing cycle with their respective symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY also referred to as the Mother): water kefir's SCOBY comes in the shape of hundreds of tibicos or "grains" while kombucha's is a pancake-shaped cellulose mat.


Like Kombucha, Water Kefir is a gently effervescent, naturally probiotic beverage, and has a milder flavor & softer mouth-feel than it's cousin.


Water Kefir is often appealing to folks who are are brand new to cultured / fermented beverages + who may not be fond of the little acetic acid zing or fragrance of kombucha.


Water Kefir contains hundred of species of bacteria and yeast that promote gut health which in turn supports immune health, making this a superb addition any time you need to replenish beneficial bacteria. 


Water Kefir is ​raw, vegan, and gluten+soy+dairy free.

Naturally zero caffeine. 

Why drink either?
Is one better for you than the other?

You'll add these living beverages to your vibrant-life toolbox because richness + diversity are what keeps every wild ecosystem thriving.

Your gut is a wild ecosystem. It requires richness + diversity in order to function optimally. 

Your gut should be home to 3-4lbs of bacteria, numbering in the tens of thousands in terms of different species, and into the trillions in terms of population. 

Kombucha and Water Kefir are two natural + wild probiotic sources which offer the ecosystem of your gut its much needed richness + diversity. These two unique beverages each introduce different microbes into your internal gut-garden bringing brilliant diversity to ensure a robust microscopic rainforest. 

When asked, "which one of these beverages will be better for me?" the answer is, "these beverages offer two different ways to garner more microbial diversity. As North Americans accustomed to rating + ranking foods and nutrients, that's not the case here. These are two unique raw, living beverages. Since richness + diversity are the goals, having a little of both of these (and other cultured foods) is ideal."


New-comers to the funky world of ferments might find Water Kefir a bit more palatable at first. It's interesting to take note that as your gut grows in diversity, taste preferences change. One is not inherently "better" than the other: they're different + together they foster greater diversity + diversity is the key to creating a robust ecosystem!

Want our delicious cultures?

Interested in having our kombucha or water kefir in bottles or
on-tap in your shop, boutique, gym, spa, or tasting room?
We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Our kombucha actually tastes good. Your customers will love it!

 For WHOLESALE inquires: 814.424.8174 

OR fill out the form below:

Happy gut. Happy life. 

You are Nature. We help you drink like it!

If you have a question about your kombucha or home delivery, please email us at

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