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Ditch The Itch - Kombucha Mother Soap
  • Ditch The Itch - Kombucha Mother Soap

    Originally formulated to ease the itch associated from an unexpected run in with poison ivy, this lovely body bar is a surprisingly soothing option for eczema sufferers as well!

    The Kombucha Mother Culture is a living, cellulose biofilm.  This symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast confers humectant properties and is rich in gluconic acid. Gluconic acid promotes exfoliation and cell renewal, and modulates the keratinization process. It also has brilliant antioxidant and restorative capabilities, making it not only super awesome for skin, but also gentle enough for more sensitive or damaged skin. 

    • Coconut + Canola + Ethically sourced Palm Oils.

      Olive Oil infused with Jewelweed.


      Burdock Root + Calendula + Chamomile + Chickweed + Comfrey +  + Lobella + Plantain.

      Bentonite Clay.

      Keystone Cultures Komucha SCOBY.

      Camphor + Peppermint + Lemongrass + Tea Tree + Lavender Pure Essential Oils.

      Dimensions. 3.25"x 0.75"


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