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Shampoo Bar Bundle of 3 - Kombucha Mother Shampoo Bar
  • Shampoo Bar Bundle of 3 - Kombucha Mother Shampoo Bar

    We invite you to experience the nourishing touch of our unique hair care – designed to reconnect you to your source: Nature.


    • Kombucha Mother shampoo bars bring the power of gluconic acid, naturally balancing your scalp's pH for healthier, lustrous hair.

    • Gluconic Acid fosters a nourishing environment at the roots, encouraging strong growth and enhancing your hair's natural vitality.

    • Infused with cellulose from the mother culture, these bars gently exfoliate and renew, revealing your hair's true vibrance and strength.

    • Eco-conscious beauty is epitomized in these bars, harnessing the renewable potential of kombucha to rejuvenate your hair while minimizing environmental impact.


    This long lasting shampoo bar lets your nourish your hair and scalp while breaking free from plastic!
    Wonderful choice for most hair types.

    Wonderfully packable for camping + van-life.

    Cut off a chunk and it travels beautifully through TSA.
    No artificial dyes or overwhelming fragrances; just the subtle whisper of nature's palette.

    The fragrance here is lovely and not over-done.

    Coconut + Olive + Castor + Sweet Almond + Shea Butter + Ethically sourced Palm oil

    Keystone Cultures Co. Organic SCOBY/Mother

    Pure Grapefruit+Lavender+Rosemary+Fir Needle Essential Oils

    • Kombucha Mother IS a microbially alive, cellulose mat, and as such it is humectant - moisturizing - rich. Kombucha Mother also is teeming with organic acids. The resultant bars are long-lasting, fragrant without being over done, and quite lovely for your largest organ: your skin.

      From melting + mixing the ingredients, to pouring, cutting + labeling the bars, all of this is done by hand. I am not a massive manufacturing facility. It's all quite small really.


      Batches require about 6 weeks to be fully cured. 

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