Kombucha Mother Shampoo Bar - Herbal

Kombucha Mother Shampoo Bar - Herbal

This long lasting shampoo bar lets your nourish your hair and scalp while breaking free from plastic!
Wonderful choice for most hair types. Wonderfully packable for camping + van-life. Cut a chunk off and it travels beautifully through TSA.
The fragrance here is lovely and not over-done.

Coconut + Olive + Castor + Sweet Almond + Shea Butter + Ethically sourced Palm oil

Keystone Cultures Co. Organic SCOBY/Mother

Pure Grapefruit+Lavender+Rosemary+Fir Needle Essential Oils


    Kombucha Mother IS a microbially alive, cellulose mat, and as such it is humectant - moisturizing - rich. Kombucha Mother also is teeming with organic acids. The resultant bars are long-lasting, fragrant without being over done, and quite lovely for your largest organ: your skin.

    From melting + mixing the ingredients, to pouring, cutting + labeling the bars, all of this is done by hand. I am not a massive manufacturing facility. It's all quite small really.


    Batches require about 6 weeks to be fully cured. 


    Due to the personal nature of body care products, we do not accept returns. All purchases are final. At this time, we cannot offer refunds.



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