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Kombucha Salt Scrub

Kombucha Salt Scrub

Your skin is a living organ with an elegant assortment of microbial ecosystems. Your skin is an assortment of beautiful gardens, covered in billions and billions of bacteria. These bacteria have grown and evolved with us. They are mostly beautiful + purposeful symbionts.

Rather than punish your skin with harsh, man-made chemicals + fragrances to strip your skin of necessary microbial partners, nourish it instead.


We help you do that.

Our Kombucha Salt Scrub is an exfoliating dream for your hands + feet.

Dead Sea+Epsom Salts are emulsed with living, organic Kombucha SCOBY + coconut oil.

Natural. Moisturizing. Perfect.


  • Kombucha Mother IS a microbially alive, cellulose mat, and as such it is humectant - moisturizing - rich. Kombucha Mother also is teeming with organic acids. The resultant bars are long-lasting, fragrant without being over done, and quite lovely for your largest organ: your skin.

    From melting + mixing the ingredients, to pouring, cutting + labeling the bars, all of this is done by hand. I am not a massive manufacturing facility. It's all quite small really.


    Batches require about 6 weeks to be fully cured. 

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