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Kombucha Living Toner
  • Kombucha Living Toner

    Your skin is a living organ with an elegant assortment of microbial ecosystems. Your skin is an assortment of beautiful gardens, covered in billions and billions of bacteria. These bacteria have grown and evolved with us. They are mostly beautiful + purposeful symbionts.

    Rather than ravage your skin with harsh man-made chemicals, fragrances to strip your skin of necessary microbial partners, nourish it instead.


    We help you do that.

    Our Living Toner is bacterial rich, grown from Organic & Fair Trade Green & Black Teas which has cultured for over 90 days. To this we add Humic & Fulvic minerals - and Silica - so this toner / aftershave is not only rich in natural organic acids from the kombucha, but also mineral rich, supporting collagen production. This food-grade quality product confers a line smoothing +refining + toning effect.

    Everything in this lovely vial is absolutely safe enough to eat.
    Isn't that a brilliant way to nurture your skin? We think so.

    This will have a mildly earthy, mildly vinegary aroma. 
    Use the dropper - in which a Mother Culture may start to grow - to apply 8 or 10 drops to a cotton ball or into the bowl of your palm. Apply to face, neck, decoulette. Use as a make-up remover. Use as a toner. Use as an after shave. Use on mild skin irritations. (As with anything, test in a small area first before applying broadly.)


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